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Financial Advisor Spotlight: Blake Steedley

SpotlightEach month in my Go Greenhow blog, I write about topics relative to financial planning that I feel are useful to everyone and that I’m passionate about — but for the next few months, I’m taking a little change in direction!

The team here at Allen & Company continues to expand. As financial advisors, getting the chance to help more people take control of their financial lives is very exciting for us. So, I’d like to take this opportunity to help my readers become more familiar with other members of our growing team of advisors.

If you’ve been a client of the “Greenhow – Steedley – Mason” team for any length of time at all, you’ve likely talked with — and perhaps met with — Blake Steedley. We’ve been fortunate to have Blake serving as a financial advisor on our team for over 5 years. He has made a tremendous impact on the investment and retirement planning goals of many of our team’s clients.

Blake Steedly FishingBorn and raised in Avon Park, Florida, Blake is a strong supporter of his local community and is focused on improving the lives of its residents. He currently serves as a member of the United Way of Central Florida’s Highlands County Advisory Board and is also a graduate of the Leadership Highlands County (Class of 2017). Right now, Blake is focused on enjoying time with his wonderful young family of five — but he also enjoys the outdoors. Some of his hobbies include golfing, hunting, and fishing.

Now that you’ve gotten to know Blake— I’d like to share a few key areas where he can best assist you as a client of our team, and where he excels as a financial advisor.

First, Blake specializes in developing mid-to-long-term financial plans for his clients. This involves “crunching the numbers” to determine where you stand today, and then calculating how much you need to be saving to achieve the goals you set for retirement in the future. Many investors simply set aside money each month — or each paycheck — without a clear goal in mind.  Blake’s experience helps him to work together with you to not only create your goal, but also develop a roadmap to achieve it.

Second, Blake reviews specific investments daily, which allows him to advise you directly on which could be bought or sold to take advantage of the ever-changing stock market and economic environment. This diligence is very important to our team. We want you to know that your financial advisor is focused on keeping your money in suitable investments — on a continuous basis.

HighwayThird, what makes Blake truly stand out is his commitment to communication. He is a believer that if you trust Allen & Company to oversee your investments, insurance, and retirement planning that we do not take that task lightly.  Blake communicates often with his clients to make sure he’s truly on the same page as you. This also helps him keep up with any life changes that could require a revision to your plan. Blake is proud to stay in frequent and consistent contact with his clients because he feels they deserve the attention.

Get in touch with Blake to schedule a confidential, comprehensive analysis of your financial plan today!


September 2020

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