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Our Jobs As Financial Planners


Ever wondered what the career of a financial planner / financial advisor truly looks like? What it means to be a financial professional?

In Episode #1 of the Fred’s Garage financial vlog, Fred Lopez sits down with his close colleague, business partner, and fellow advisor — Michael Wright — to get an overview of the responsibilities of a financial advisor.

  • 0:55 – Core principles of financial planning and investment advice
  • 1:10 – Why client-specific, tailored investment research is so important to us
  • 1:30 – Retirement Planning and finding your goals
  • 2:00 – Estate Planning and protecting yourself
  • 2:30 – Tax Planning
  • 2:55 – Risk Management, Long Term Care, and Insurance
  • 3:35 – Building the relationship — and how this brings it all together for you!

Make sure to follow Fred’s Garage for future updates and brand new videos. In our next episode, Michael takes a deeper dive into the responsibilities of financial advisors at Allen & Company.

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