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Finding the right balance between saving for the future and living for today is the heartbeat of Holland Henderson. As a Florida native and a family man, Holland blogs about his beliefs on matters that are close to your heart — delivering them in a caring, easy to understand, and candid matter. Holland is devoted to helping others grow and succeed in a challenging financial world.

He has been in the financial services trade since 2004, working to build strong relationships and provide sound, strategic financial plans to clients throughout Central Florida. For him, it’s not enough to just be “in” the community, he’s a part of it. Holland puts his money where his heart is, putting hours of hard work and devotion into developing purposeful events that are inspiring and engaging to all those involved.

Holland is the author of Risk & Reward — a unique blog that ties in personal experience with humor and humility, exploring the financial impact of the course of events we call life. He also knows that the choices we all make in life steer us throughout our personal financial journey.

His goal is to help educate the world on how to navigate those choices, managing the risks and rewards of tough financial decisions — both to work toward short term goals… and tomorrow’s dreams.

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