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Risk & Reward Podcast Episode 8

Hosted by: Holland Henderson Special guest: Christina Graham

August, 2021

In this episode, we talk about startup businesses and entrepreneurship with our guest, Christina Graham from Catapult. Catapult supports the spirit of innovation by supporting entrepreneurs locally here in Lakeland by providing affordable resources to help savvy entrepreneurs reach success in many different industries.

In this episode we cover:

  • What is Catapult (1:20)
  • How does Catapult help start-up businesses not become a statistic (4:50)
  • Is there a resurgence of entrepreneurs (8:50)
  • Is there a benefit to having a business partner (15:30)
  • Do most start-ups stay local when they leave Catapult (24:20)
  • Who comes to speak at Catapult (27:45)
  • Is the community happy with what Catapult is doing for the local economy (30:00)
  • What is the vision of Catapult (32:48)
  • What is the average age of individuals joining Catapult (33:40)
  • How does Catapult assist business scale (37:10)

Links From the Show:

Allen & Company
Lakeland Economy Development Council
Mentors in Business

Connect with:

Holland Henderson – Financial Advisor at Allen & Company
Allen & Company – Holland Henderson
LinkedIn – Holland Henderson

Christina Graham – Executive Director at Catapult, Lakeland, Inc.
LinkedIn – Christina Graham

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