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Risk & Reward E49 Cami Leavitt

Hosted by: Holland Henderson Special guest: Cami Leavitt

March, 2024

In this inspiring episode, we sit down with Cami Leavitt, the owner and founder of Camilyn Beth Studio, renowned for its exquisite special occasion wear for women. Cami shares her captivating journey from design school in Fort Lauderdale to living in Sweden as a nanny and working for a couturier designer with ties to royalty. Despite facing challenges like termite infestations and adapting to COVID by transitioning to retail space, Cami’s resilience shines through.

Her story takes a charming turn as she recounts teaching her husband to sew, highlighting the power of determination and passion in navigating the unpredictable road to success.

In this episode we cover:

  • Our guest provides clothes for all special occasions but weddings are her favorite (1:55)
  • Is there more freedom in women’s fashion (4:43)
  • How involved is Cami in the actual designs (6:11)
  • The read of the store and their customers (9:24)
  • How Cami found her voice while surviving COVID (12:30)
  • How people have a  “minimoney” instead of a big wedding helped her business (19:15)
  • The story of entering into the fashion industry includes going to school in Fort Lauderdale, Sweeden to work as a nanny and for a couture designer which provided an opportunity to design for royalty (22:15)
  • Hiring a sales rep led to an entrance into the Atlanta market (29:01)
  • The team behind the success (33:32)
  • Where Cami sees the fashion industry going (37:39)

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