Parents have one of the greatest challenges out there. Money and financial wellness are crucial to ensuring your child’s future, and add to this challenge. This isn’t just about saving for tuition or investment planning — but how do you talk to your kids about money? As a parent himself, Chad Jones is no stranger to this dilemma. He’s not afraid to ask things like “what would my child say if I asked them to define what ‘rich’ means?” or “how does emotion vs. rationality affect my child’s decision making process?

Chad’s proud to provide his interesting stories, insights, and ideas for educating children about financial wellness. He’s been with Allen & Company for over 5 years, and is a certified financial planner who has also served in the U.S. Armed Forces as Finance & Accounting Officer.Read More About Chad

Kids & Money Lesson 4: Defining Rich Understanding Debt

Today we’ll take a look at understanding debt. This may sound like a bridge-too-far in having a child understand debt when so many of us get this wrong as adults. But what I believe you need to get across to them is quite simple: While debt is not always a bad thing, it requires you […]

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Kids & Money Lesson 3: Defining Rich Plan to Budget

Much like opportunity cost, budgeting is another concept that comes up quite naturally during the day. The easiest example with kids is teaching them to budget their time. The easiest way is to backwards plan regarding leaving for a trip. Have them name all the little events and tasks that need to take place before […]

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Kids & Money Lesson 2: The Value of Opportunity Cost

We are all rational creatures – it’s what separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. That is until you throw money into a situation. Then rationality can often take a backseat to emotion. That’s exactly our concern as parents when teaching our kids about money. So what do we do about it? Well, […]

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Kids & Money Lesson 1: Defining Rich as “Breathing Room”

If you asked your children to define the word rich, what do you think they would say? What’s surprising is that their answer, at its core, would be largely the same at any age including most adults, “Rich is the accumulation of stuff.” The child may say, “lots of toys” or “mounds of candy” or […]

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