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Fitness technology can improve health and your budget

Fitness TrackerTechnology is a major part of our lives — and is only getting more advanced every day. In the financial world, money managing apps, stock trading apps, and banking apps have changed the way we manage our money. (If you haven’t deposited a check by taking a photo of it yet, you are really missing out.) Similarly, technology has completely changed the world of fitness. Eventually, with fitness technology, you’ll be working out at home in a big virtual reality (VR) gym. Maybe with a few of your friends from all over the world and your favorite celebrity as your instructor. Seriously, it’s technically possible today and could become reality in the near future. Every new product that is released is shifting the way you work out as an individual. It can also save both time and money.

Fitness trackers leverage data to empower your fitness routines

As we all know, the Apple Watch and Fitbit era is upon us. Every day there are software updates making them smarter and smarter. The fitness data they can gather and share — just by resting on your wrist — is incredible. No longer do you need a daily call from your trainer to remind you to be more active every day. You can just look at your watch! Need to check your heart rate? Look at your watch. Want to see how well you slept last night? Look at your watch. Calories burned? Distance you ran? Set a new record? Tech can track it all.

Working OutLive streaming takes coaching and group workouts to the next level, and could save you money

Now, with livestreaming technology, you can have on-demand virtual one-on-one coaching in your own living room. If you’re more of the group workout type, you need to get an expensive CrossFit or Orange Theory membership, right? Not anymore — livestreamed workout classes are a thing. Peloton and Class Pass Live let you join live workouts. They can also utilize wearables that monitor your heart rate and calories burned, to compare to the group.

Subscription-based workout services can be a great value

Financially speaking, group workout classes like CrossFit and Orange Theory are hitting price ranges that easily take up a good-sized chunk of your monthly budget. Livestreaming allows you to get a good group workout for a fraction of the cost. The classes will never be “full,” and you have the convenience of working out from home and jumping in at any time. Also, the subscription models of these services can serve to help increase your motivation to train more often. Simply put: the more workouts you do, the lower costs per class — which can make them a good deal all around.

Smartphone with HeadphonesFitness technology can be good for your health and your budget

With all the tools and technology available today the average person is much healthier than 10 years ago, and we can only hope that trend will continue. Smart devices will increasingly become more mainstream, allowing people to work out on their own time in their own locations — plus, at a lower cost. Trainers can access their workout data from anywhere, which can provide feedback and information to more efficiently guide them toward their fitness goals.

September 2019