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Ditching New Year’s Resolutions: Why Daily Commitment Beats the #75Hard Craze

Okay, so we’re sitting here in February 2024. How’s that New Year’s resolution going? You know, those promises we make every January 1st that most of us end up ditching faster than last year’s calendar. As a financial advisor, I’ve seen a similar trend in money matters and health goals – big, bold promises that often fizzle out.

So, here’s the deal – that magical New Year’s Day isn’t a secret sauce for change. Real transformation? It’s about the little choices you make every single day. Forget the grand declarations; it’s the daily grind that shapes our lives.

Now, speaking of crazes, have you heard about #75Hard?

It’s this viral workout challenge that’s got people doing two 45-minute workouts a day (one has to be outside), guzzling a gallon of water, sticking to a strict diet, reading ten pages of a nonfiction book, and snapping a progress pic daily for a whopping 75 days. Phew! Sounds like a lot, right? If that’s not bad enough, if you miss one thing, you start completely over.

The #75Hard challenge preaches commitment, but committing to 75 days of extreme hustle just to go back to old habits afterward? Not my idea of smart. As a financial advisor, I see parallels here – high-risk, short-term moves aren’t always the key to success.

Rather than hustling on a 75-day sprint, consider a marathon of incremental, sustainable changes. A simple routine, such as going to the gym three times a week, can have profound effects on your physical health. This approach aligns with financial wisdom – consistent, disciplined investments over time yield better results than sporadic, high-risk endeavors.

And get this – the payoff isn’t just in feeling good; it’s in your wallet, too. Regular exercise and a balanced diet are like golden tickets to lower healthcare costs. Your future self will thank you for those wise, healthy choices, just like smart financial planning pays off in the long run.

In a nutshell, those New Year’s resolutions might be overrated.

The #75Hard challenge? It could be extreme for most of us. Let’s opt for a more laid-back, conversational approach – a routine that’s realistic, consistent, and makes life a bit healthier. Every day is a chance to choose well; that, my friend, is the secret to long-term success.

February 2024

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