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30th Annual Economic Forecast Trivia


  1. What is the record number of air traffic movements in one day at Lakeland Lindner Regional Airport during Sun N Fun? 600 (source:
  2. What lead guitarist from what band was nearly electrocuted during a concert at the Lakeland Center on December 12, 1976? Ace Frehley of KISS (source:
  3. Queen Beatrice honored what great warrior of the Crusades with swans, whose descendants hundreds of years later reside in Lakeland? Richard the Lion-Hearted (source:
  4. In what year did Queen Elizabeth donate a pair of swans to Lakeland? 1957 (source:
  5. The King of Rock and Roll performed at the Polk Theater in what year? 1956
  6. The Cleveland Indians held spring training in Lakeland from 1923-1927. True or False True
  7. The Ledger was founded in 1924. What was it’s original name?  The Lakeland Evening Ledger
  8. What local university did Francis Langford graduate from? Florida Southern
  9. What is the average SAT score of Florida Poly? 1745 (source:
  10. What building in Polk County was the first to have air conditioning? Polk Theater
  11. What local hotel known as ‘The Top of Florida’? The Terrace Hotel
  12. Who was originally housed in the building the Lakeland Area Chamber currently resides in? The Lakeland Public Library
  13. What anniversary is the Junior League celebrating in 2017? 80 years
  14. Joker Marchant Stadium was built for the Detroit Tigers in what year? 1966
  15. The Detroit Tigers Spring Training has been a part of the community since 1934 and holds the record of the longest relationship in MLB history. True or False? True
  16. How many times has Publix been recognized as a Fortune 100 Best Companies to work for? 19 consecutive years
  17. Watson Clinic initially opened in what building in downtown Lakeland? The Marble Arcade Building (source:
  18. The American Hospital Association recognized Lakeland Regional Health in 2016 for what? Most Wired Hospital
  19. The Silver Moon Drive in is celebrating 69 years in April of 2017. What was the original price of admission? $.35
  20. How many radio stations does Hall Communications own? 21 around the U.S.
  21. Saddle Creek has been owned by the same family since what year? 1966
  22. What was the name of the original business owned by The Ruthven’s? OK Tires (source:
  23. What U.S. President attended the grand opening of the Terrace Hotel? Grover Cleveland
  24. What was the name of Lakeland’s first jail? McDermott House after it’s first occupant.(source:
  1. One of the first 3 cities to be ‘lit’, in Florida, Lakeland Power and Light Company erected a light plant on the corner of what two streets back in 1891?
  2. How many named lakes are there within the city limits of Lakeland? 38 (source:
  3. How many structures did Frank Lloyd Wright build in Lakeland, that collection is also known as, Child of the Sun? 12 structures (source:
  4. How many retail stores are in the Publix grocery chain? 1,077 (source:
  5. The monument in Munn Park is dedicated to who? Soldiers of the Confederacy
  6. Who designed the Red Course at Streamsong Golf Resort? Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw (source: