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Planning Beyond Money Alone Retirement Seminar

We are living longer and healthier than our predecessors thanks to dramatic advancements in health care over the last century.  And now, thanks to technological innovations, the way we age is transforming from living longer to living better.  We will discuss the new possibilities through technology that will help you stay healthier, live in your home of choice longer, and remain socially connected as you age.  We will also address the changes in social security rules.  We will share how to make the most of your Social Security decision while integrating your benefit with your other retirement income to maximize your quality of life during retirement.

 “For the next generation of retirees, the question that will trump all others will be a simple one: How do you add life to longer lives? The equally simple answer: technology.”  —Dr. Joe Coughlin Director, MIT AgeLab



6pm Thursday • Reunion Grande Resort 7593 Gathering Drive • Kissimmee, Florida 34747

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