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All Aboard: Embracing the Journey with Train Travel

I admit it. I love trains! For every season of life, and for almost every type of travel, there is a train.

I’ve learned many life lessons from clients throughout the years. Some of them have been absolutely profound. Jerre has taught me that it is imperative that I push down my ethics two generations like he has been successful in doing. Bill has shown me how to be selfless while creating something magical for our community. Georgia demanded that I get professional pictures taken with our young children every year. Now that they are out of the nest, wow, I’m so glad I listened!

On a lighter note, Cliff taught me to love train travel. 

In his early retirement, he had time to take the California Zephyr from Chicago to San Francisco. The two-day journey climbs through the Rockies and on through the snowcapped Sierra Nevada’s. He and his wife always saved and invested on top of his pension. And so, when it came time for him to enjoy his stress-free life, he was able to take the slow train and enjoy the scenery.  


I recently took a car up North to my son’s college.

Cliff has always told me about the Amtrak Auto train. It’s awesome! You can skip 13 hours of I-95 from Sanford, FL, to Lorton, VA, while getting a great night’s rest, two meals, no stress, and Wi-Fi. After six hours of work, the car and I arrived refreshed. It’s a winner. Try it.

Enter Brightline: “This is the forefront of elevated travel between South Florida and Orlando.” European-style high-speed rail has arrived in Florida. It’s new, sleek, comfortable, fast and efficient. I was able to speak personally with the main financial architect a few months ago while he was visiting Allen & Company. He believes that there should be a stop in the next phase between the planned Orlando to Tampa leg. That’s exciting.

Your financial journey is one that will ebb and flow with the circumstances that life will hurl your way. Somewhere along that adventure, I hope you find the occasion to take the train ride. The scenic beauty you will experience while relaxing will be worth the effort!

May 2024

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