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Mothers of the Future

This tribute goes out to mothers everywhere. Thank you for always being the glue of the family. You often wear many hats, such as teacher, therapist, chef, chauffeur, and maybe even judge & juror when needed. Although many of those things have stayed the same for generations, the equipment and technology involved in pregnancy through infancy are rapidly evolving. Of course, there is an abundance of New Age tracking apps for the actual pregnancy, newborn habits and apps to help stimulate the creative development in toddlers. But I will discuss the erratic new capabilities of something we all know of, the stroller.

I introduce to you the CYBEX e-Priam.

For a small fortune of $1,799, this electric stroller truly has it all. With a motor and battery pack, this stroller can tackle any hill in its path with a mere finger push to propel forward. Thinking about sending that child on a rollercoaster ride downhill? Not so fast, this stroller’s motors will spin backward as well, allowing you to have ultimate control of your descent.

The child gets some luxuries as well.

There is soft padding with side impact protection, ventilation holes on the bottom to regulate temperatures, a built-in canopy, and the capability for the child to recline while in the seat. Not to mention the stroller can rock itself. Even better, you can turn on the rocking mode from the app on your phone from anywhere in the world. The app is where you can monitor the battery for the stroller and select different modes, such as beach and off-road.

But wait, there’s more.

There is also a temperature sensor in the seat buckle to monitor if the child is too hot or cold, and also an alert system for when the child unbuckles the seat belt too. You can bet there is a cup holder available for you too! To tackle snow, you can replace your front wheels with little skis to make yourself a baby snowmobile. This off-terrain monster isn’t afraid to join you on summer vacations at the beaches or winter time on the slopes.

Is it too much? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

I am amazed at the advances in a relatively boring product in recent years. Maybe in another decade will have autonomous strollers that can follow or lead a stroller while you walk, run, or even follow you around on the golf course. Fingers crossed.

May 2023

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