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Risk & Reward E18

Hosted by: Holland Henderson Special guest: Brian Seeley

February, 2022

With affordable housing and a better understanding of the causes of homelessness, Gospel, Inc., founded by our guest Brian Seeley helps the chronic homeless community get the support needed for an improved life.

In this episode we cover:

  • What is Gospel Village (2:47)
  • Brian’s discussed his experience living with the chronic homeless community (8:17)
  • How does family play a part in this community (11:32)
  • Providing purpose with work skills and a paycheck (14:13)
  • Celebrating birthdays is a small but important act to show someone they are cared for and valued (18:24)
  • When people engage with Gospel Village, they are amazed at what is being done (20:03)
  • Thanks to grants more homes will be built this year (22:10)
  • Affordable housing is a big issue regarding chronic homelessness (26:55)
  • Have we improved the identity and visibility of the chronic homeless individuals in our community (31:05)
  • In a perfect scenario how should a city address the issue of chronic homelessness (34:30)
  • How can more people get involved with Gospel, Inc. (37:53)

Links From the Show:

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Gospel, Inc.
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