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Risk and Reward Podcast Episode 12

Hosted by: Holland Henderson Special guest: Joel Helm

September, 2021

Education and the legacy of giving are the topics of this episode. With our guest, Joe Helm, we discuss how monetary gifts affect the institution and the students. Giving money to a university is used for scholarships, which reduces the debt incurred by students, giving these graduates the flexibility to be job creators. The total amount of student debt in this country now surpasses the amount of auto loans meaning there is a need for a cost-benefit analysis when it comes to college.

In this episode we cover:

• How are large monetary gifts change the universities’ landscape (6:25)
• Can the gift outsize the institution (7:07)
• There is a huge problem with student and school debt (9:34)
Endowmentswhat are they and what do they mean to schools (10:41)
• The pros and cons of giving to a public vs private institution (18:58)
What is STEM (25:58)
• College should be a cost-benefit analysis (27:16)
• Has the pandemic changed how we value education (30:45)
• Are you paying for an experience or an education (33:08)
• What is the cost-benefit for donors (34:36)

Links From the Show:

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Florida Polytechnic University
Florida Bright Future Scholarship
Malcolm Gladwell
Cost-Benefit Analysis

Books Mentioned in this Show:

The Terminal List, by Jack Carr

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Holland Henderson – Financial Advisor at Allen & Company
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Joel Helm – Senior Director of Development, Florida Polytechnic University
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