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Contrary to Commentary E1

Hosted by: Holland Henderson

Hosted by: Chris Hammond

June, 2024

In this maiden episode, two friends and colleagues have a candid conversation about a range of topics that are shaping our lives today. From the relaxing escapades of fishing to the more pressing issues like the state of the economy and the dynamics between renters and homeowners, nothing is off limits.  As the upcoming election looms, they also share their thoughts and feelings about the political climate. Throughout the discussion, they don’t shy away from unpacking complex issues with sophisticated vocabulary, making big topics accessible and relatable.
Join them as they navigate through these significant conversations that touch everyone’s lives, one insightful word at a time.

In this episode we cover:

  • The hosts discuss the hobby of fishing (2:24)
  • The hot topic – the state of the economy (4:00)
  • Renters vs. Homeowners (8:20)
  • The various feelings around the presidential election, present and past (10:38)
  • It’s a good time for younger generations to listen to older generations and why (10:26)
  • Our hosts unpack the topic of technological advances that are defining how we operate in our world, causing political tensions and worldwide ramifications (20:45)
  • How is AI useful and where is it going; what should people be prepared for (31:40)
  • Fundamental beliefs regarding AI (35:13)
  • How AI will impact education (38:00)

Links From the Show:

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Connect with:

Holland Henderson – Financial Advisor at Allen & Company
Allen & Company – Holland Henderson
LinkedIn – Holland Henderson

Chris Hammond – CFA®, Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager at Allen & Company
Allen & Company – Chris Hammond
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