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Contrary to Commentary E2

Hosted by: Chris Hammond

Hosted by: Holland Henderson

July, 2024

We open this episode by discussing the upcoming release of “EA Sports College Sports 25,” which is igniting a fresh wave of enthusiasm for college football. The discussion then shifts to a broader perspective on financial freedom, examining how personal values dictate spending, saving, and lifestyle choices in diverse ways across different individuals.

This episode comprehensively examines how sports, finance, social trends, and personal values intersect in today’s fast-paced world

In this episode we cover:

  • EA Sports is using real-time data for College Football 25 (2:48)
  • Home field advantage is important in the college gameday experience (8:16)
  • How college football is changing and how it’s affecting the fans (11:04)
  • Thoughts on travel and leisure (13:50)
  • There has been a priority shift regarding home design (18:12)
  • How social media influences our decisions (21:03)
  • Financial freedom manifests itself differently depending on what’s important to an individual (25:34)
  • The importance of having strong relationships in business (28:52)
  • One can learn a lot by looking at great leaders (33:50)
  • How familiarity can kill loyalty and trivialize value (35:22)
  • What our hosts are learning about right now (39:11)

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Chris Hammond – CFA®, Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager at Allen & Company
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