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Bowlin’s Alley E9

Hosted by: Dr. Lyle Bowlin

September, 2023

This enlightening episode delves into the rich symbolism woven into the classic tale, “The Wizard of Oz.” But what was author L. Frank Baum really trying to convey through Dorothy’s journey? We take you on a historical walk down the Yellow Brick Road to explore the underlying messages and themes of the story.

Discover how the rise of the populist movement in late 19th-century America influenced the narrative. We also dig into the economic subtext of the story, discussing the push for a bimetallic money standard based on both gold and silver, as opposed to gold alone.

Join us for an engaging conversation that takes a well-loved story and reveals its deeper social and economic implications. Whether you’re a fan of the book, the movie, or simply fascinated by hidden meanings in popular culture, this episode offers a fresh perspective on a timeless classic.

In this episode we cover:

  • It was widely believed that The Wizard of Oz book was about the rise of populism (3:55)
  • A breakdown of the symbols used in the book (8:37)
  • Populist orator Mary Lease was known as the “Kanas Cyclone” (13:17)
  • If the book was written today, what would the modern symbols be (17:18)
  • The Tin Man symbolizes the mistreated factory worker in the story (19:58)
  • The midwestern famer is represented by the Scarecrow (23:20)
  • Who did the Cowardly Lion represent in this book (26:11)
  • The political issues in the book are still relevant today – none of the problems have been resolved (28:00)
  • What or who does the Wicked Witch of the West symbolize (30:45)
  • Who did Toto represent, and what would he symbolize today (35:51)

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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, by L. Frank Baum

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