Cynthia Marotz has been a Financial Advisor for Allen and Company since 2003. Her motto is: “Let’s work to live… rather than live to work!” Cynthia believes that living a significant and impactful life requires financial planning and saving strategy at EVERY age.

The millennial audience has much to contribute for years to come, and are a key focus for Cynthia. This generation has access to resources, both technical and otherwise, that are beyond the wildest imaginations of previous generations.

Which is changing the game — and the financial challenges — for millennials, in real-time. Many are asking: How does the current state of the world affect my financial situation and planning strategy? How will I work towards financial freedom and even plan for retirement?

That freedom — and feeling good – are forms of currency in their own right; we all know that time is money after all. Cynthia’s commentary explores the world of spending vs. saving with a focus on the challenges millennials are facing today:

  • How do I maintain a balance between what I have and what I and save?
  • How do I stay relevant without sacrificing my financial future?
  • How can I work hard AND afford to play hard?
  • Plus, how do I do all that while I still have my health and a youthful spirit?

In the Millennial Message, Cynthia works to help the future leaders of America learn the fine art of balancing “working to live” as well as sound financial planning advice for the future.

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