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Find a SmartVestor Pro at Allen & Company

Dave Ramsey is known worldwide for his unique and pragmatic take on investing and finance. He’s helped millions of people reduce their debt, control their finances, and plan for their futures.

At Allen & Company, we hold these values dear to us as well. It’s all part of our mission to serve our clients with integrity and for the long term.

That’s why several of our financial advisors — in addition to upholding Allen & Company core values — are also SmartVestor Pros. Here’s how you can get started on your path to financial independence.

What is a SmartVestor Pro?

Not only “what”, but also “who”, is a SmartVestor Pro?

In short, a SmartVestor Pro must uphold Ramsey’s SmartVestor Code of Conduct.

For those who use Dave Ramsey’s methods of financial wellness, a SmartVestor Pro — who is well versed in those methods — will help support you as you move towards your financial independence.

Should my advisor be a SmartVestor Pro?

Not necessarily! Everyone’s approach to finance — as well as their goals — will be different, depending on personal feelings as well as unique situations.

Many investors follow different methods than those proposed by Dave Ramsey, uphold similar values through alternate methods, or may take an entirely different approach that could be advantageous to certain investors.

Overall, a SmartVestor Pro may be right for you if you are a devoted follower of Dave Ramsey’s methods and are specifically looking for a professional to help you walk that path!

Meet Financial Advisor Dana Hurley — SmartVestor Pro

Dana Hurley is an Allen & Company Financial Advisor from our Lakeland office and a SmartVestor Pro.

As a former math teacher and coach, explaining and breaking down complex investment terms and guiding her clients to pursue their goals comes naturally.

Dana takes the responsibility of being an advisor very seriously. She uses Dave’s philosophies with her clients — whether they are SmartVestor investors or not!  Dana helps her clients strive for financial independence by walking through the baby steps this strategy teaches her clients the importance of having emergency funds, eliminate debt, and invest for their futures.

Meet Financial Advisor Kyle Cobia — SmartVestor Pro

Kyle Cobia is an Allen & Company Financial Advisor based in our Winter Haven office and a SmartVestor Pro.

Kyle says: “I agree with the vast majority of what Dave Ramsey teaches. You know, Baby Steps 1-7… is an outstanding plan that I typically use with my clients.”

He enjoys meeting investors through SmartVestor Pro, helping them to pursue their financial goals through various methods.

How do I get started with a SmartVestor Pro?

You can contact us directly via our website, email us at, or schedule an appointment directly with Kyle or Dana above.

We look forward to meeting you — and helping you to achieve financial independence.


The SmartVestor program is a directory of investment professionals. Neither Dave Ramsey nor SmartVestor are affiliates of Allen & Company or LPL Financial.