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The Season of Giving

reckless faithChristmas: the season of giving! What is it about Christmas that brings out generosity in so many people? Whether it’s the excitement of gathering with others, increased empathy, guilt, or the reminder of the best gift of all—the birth of Jesus. The boost of generosity is inspiring, and I always look forward to this time. Though, it makes me wonder what the world would look like if we were this enthusiastic to think outside of our own needs all the time.

The Bible tells us to worship God with our whole lives.

reckless faithIt also correlates giving with an act of worship. There’s a story in the book of Luke where a woman identified as “a sinful woman” comes uninvited to Simon’s house after learning that he was having dinner with Jesus that evening. She weeps before Jesus and begins pouring a very expensive perfume on his feet. Some describe the perfume’s value as a year’s wages or more. In return, Jesus blesses her with his forgiveness and peace.

My husband and I have adopted a pretty solid budget.

The grey area for us is the “giving” item in which we push ourselves to surrender to the Lord with. If we feel called in moments to give more than that planned number, may there be no questions asked. Generosity with no agenda is probably classified as a reckless action to non-believers. God would call it reckless faith.

I would be a bad financial professional if I told people to throw out their budgets and follow their gut.

reckless faithIf our thoughts or gut feelings sound and feel nothing like the Holy Spirit, then we’re on the perfect path to emptiness and disappointment. However, if someone felt a calling from God to perform an act of reckless faith, my team and I would have no objection.

Thinking about the woman who anointed Jesus with one of her most valuable possessions, I realize there was no said holiday or special occasion. She showed up where Jesus was and worshiped Him with an act that said, “I love you more than my treasures.” Jesus pointed out to Simon that the woman’s love for him has been shown greatly. Therefore, his forgiveness to her is great.

This Christmas, I pray that you experience joy and love with your friends and family. I pray that we all are reminded of God’s love and divine plan for the world so that we can be fearlessly generous.

December 2023

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