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“Everyone starts out seeing things in Black & White, but the more you learn about a subject, the more you realize everything is really a million shades of grey” – Matt Christiansen
Mr. Christiansen as my US history teacher first introduced me to the reality that with a few very notable exceptions, the world is generally not white and black. Instead, we live in a world of grey, where evaluating a topic requires a calm thoughtful approach filled with nuance and examination. Unfortunately, man-kind in general and the modern 24-Hour news cycle in specific are horrifically ill-suited for this kind of analysis. In today’s age, eyeballs are dollars and attention spans don’t have time for nuance.
This reality is as prevalent within the Financial Markets as anywhere else in modern society. The purpose for this series, is to be the “Truth Serum” to the most polarizing topics in the Financial World; dissecting each issue on its merits, and providing investors with my reasoned opinion of what it actually means for their portfolios.

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