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With a background in engineering and a long history navigating the challenging arena of business, Lorin Bice has been working as a financial planner in the Lakeland and the Central Florida area for over 13 years.

He specializes in transition planning, especially when it comes to creating a life-long financial plan for wealth retention and development across generations. He’s also passionate about how politics can affect the world and what it means to your financial success, as well as retirement planning, investing, market conditions, and many other topics.

We love Lorin’s insight, sense of humor, personal anecdotes, famous quotes, and his uniquely valuable take on financial wellness. We know you will too.Read More About Lorin

Hurricane Season | August 2017

Given a heavy workload and some down time thrown in, I’m barely under the wire for this to be an August column rather than a September column. As I write I’ve seen the news reports of Hurricane Harvey hitting the Texas coast and flooding Houston and other areas. The cost to human life and lives […]

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Leaving a Mark | July 2017

“What are we, a mile from the sun?” asked Lawrence Bourne III in one of Tom Hanks’ lesser films. Hanks played Lawrence, a spoiled rich kid that inadvertently gets himself enrolled in the Peace Corp and shipped off to the tropics.   The only thing I remember about the movie was the Hanks character getting off […]

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George Jones and Ben Franklin Sing the Blues | June 2017

My Sirius radio preset channels are a rather eclectic lot: I have the 60’s, Willie’s Roadhouse, Jimmy Buffet, the Metropolitan Opera, College Sports, Fox Business News and newly added to the lineup, the Beatles channel. I wish they had a history or book channel; something like Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch novels, only without the random […]

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Paying for College | May 2017

Who-hoo, or as my friend Martha says, “Wooty-hoo!” She’s very Southern. Why am I celebrating with such reckless abandon? My daughter just graduated with a doctoral degree in pharmacy!!!   She has a job. She’s moving out. I get a pay raise (in theory, at least). Now to be a little less glib and a little […]

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Timing the Market | April 2017

You can’t time the market. You have heard that, right?   This is an accepted truism in the investment business. It is also a simplistic load of poppycock; sheer balderdash I say. If we can’t time the market, then why do investors with the best track records keep cash on hand for a “buying opportunity?” You […]

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