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Has The Pandemic Taught Us Anything?

learned from pandemicAs I’m writing this, Covid vaccines are available. Even with a pause on one of the vaccines, there seems to be increasing availability. Within weeks, we will likely see an over-supply. Some in the scientific community say we need to have vaccines/antibodies in 70-80% of the population to reach herd immunity. I doubt we will see that number achieved because of those not willing or able to be vaccinated. Still, I see a rapid improvement in a return to normal.

While the Pandemic is not in the rearview mirror yet, there are good things that have taken place. We’ve learned a great deal from experiences in dealing with this virus.

learned from pandemicAmong the things we’ve learned is how to use technology better. Our use of and reliance on technology is more significant than ever. The accelerated learning curve has been, at times, a bit bumpy. When you take inventory of what technology you frequently use today that you did not use a year ago, it is pretty amazing. Of course, when things don’t work as anticipated, we want to unfriend technology. Another thing is the amazing development of a vaccine. The methods and technologies used in the development of the Covid-19 vaccine have been in the works for some time. Still, the warp speed at which people can get vaccinated is awe-inspiring. Scientific innovation and collaboration among rivals have significantly benefited society.

Not everything we have learned is a good thing. Some countries are way behind the curve in terms of administering the vaccine and health care in general. The delays are due to a lack of organizational ability and availability in parts of the world. Some have learned that market timing can be a difficult lesson. Others discovered that adversity often creates opportunity. The glass half empty, and the glass half full folks were easy to spot.

We have (hopefully) learned that life and health are both precious and precarious. Some lost loved ones, and others were isolated from the people they care for the most.
Back to the good stuff: We learned that we can meet via video conference and still be productive. Nothing new here, but we have done a lot more of it. We’ve also learned that there is still no substitute for face-to-face interaction, even if the faces are covered.

learned from pandemicWe learned that change is not inherently bad just because it’s change. Learning to adapt to changing environments is the gift that keeps on giving.
We’ve learned just how big the world is while at the same time finding just how small it is.

We have been reminded that we don’t know what we don’t know, and that’s ok because it gives us something new to learn.

The Pandemic has shown us just what an “essential worker” really is.

And finally, we learned how to wash our hands.

May 2021

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