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Customer Service vs Self-Service – Does it matter?

One of my early Blogs was titled PRESS 1 for Someone Who Cares. I made reference to the importance of customer service. Even with today’s technology, customer service does matter.

Recently I received a package delivered to my door. I hadn’t ordered anything, so I did not know the box’s contents. To my surprise, it was a router, modem, and a collection of cables and wires. (image to the left)

Apparently, my current internet provider is doing some sort of “upgrade.”

The instructions indicated that I was responsible for the installation of the new equipment. If I had any questions, I could simply go to the company website for assistance. (Apparently, the provider was so certain of my ability to complete the installation that they assumed I would actually have an internet connection so I could visit the website.)

In addition to the installation, I must also go through the steps of connecting devices, etc. I guess I’ll have to embrace my career as the newest IT specialist for the provider. Even if this job does not pan out, I have been provided a second opportunity by the company to be their official courier. You see, once I have completed the new equipment installation, I must package up the old equipment and deliver it or have it delivered back to the provider. It was clear that failure to do so would result in additional charges (no mention of getting fired though).

I have not found anything in the instructions that indicate how much my new IT Specialist/delivery person position will pay. Since the provider is full of surprises, I’m sure it will be amazing.

I have concluded that many companies don’t see value in quality customer service. I understand that efficiencies are measured using certain criteria. It often seems, however, there is a disconnect with the customer. Perhaps these companies only want to deal with a particular group of people. This group may include those that accept mediocre service. Perhaps that is a larger number of people. At some point, the customer that is treated like a commodity becomes a commodity of the competition.

the importance of customer serviceOnce people are programmed to believe the service they’re getting is the best they can get, they forget what they deserve.

One important thing to remember is some huge organizations no longer exist because the officers of the organization thought very little about the customer experience. “Disrupters” have taken the place of dinosaurs. Now some of these disrupters themselves are providing an opening for others to make them an expired species.

It is no secret that small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy. One huge advantage the little guy has vs. larger companies is that they have a better ability to relate and interact with the consumer. Some large companies have figured out the (not so) secret sauce and allow local offices a large amount of autonomy.

the importance of customer serviceMany companies have moved away from creating a positive client experience.

The good news is it leaves an opportunity for those who truly believe in personal service and relationship building to grow a business that is beneficial to the business owner as well as to the clients they serve.

December 2022


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