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Adapt and Overcome

There was a simple phrase I heard in the Army when we were met with challenges: Adapt and overcome.

There is something empowering about changing your mindset and overcoming a challenge instead of giving in to it or accepting defeat.

There are countless success stories I’ve gathered these past two years as we’ve learned how to live during a pandemic. There’s the home goods store owner who was forced to close in 2020 temporarily. When permitted to reopen, she overcame the challenges of reduced foot traffic by offering online sales and curbside pickup. She sent e-newsletters that offered product ideas for those who found themselves spending more time than ever at home. She sold unique puzzles, cooking items, and self-care goodies. She experienced a banner year in 2020 and an even better one in 2021.

A friend who owns a kitchen and bathroom remodeling business found himself nearly overwhelmed with work the past two years, as more people invested in the homes they suddenly spent so much more time in. 2020 proved to be his most successful year since starting his business, and that trend continued into 2021 when supply chain issues stifled productivity.
He adapted to supply challenges by communicating with clients on realistic start dates for projects. Patience is key these days, as cabinets that once took six weeks to arrive often take seven months now. Still, the work keeps pouring in for this friend, and he is projected to record 15% more revenue in 2021 than in 2020.

He overcame labor challenges by investing in automation where he could and by paying employees more.

I worked from home a lot the past two years. My initial concern was how I, a newer financial advisor, would bring in business when I couldn’t attend events or find ways to get in front of people. I adapted by turning to LinkedIn. I developed new relationships, cultivated existing ones, and picked up clients along the way. I also partnered with another advisor and revisited his old list of leads – which dated back to 2017 – sometimes reaching out to people for the first time in months or years. It was rewarding to discover people who needed our assistance and were willing to meet with us virtually.

The past two years have been a reminder that when times get challenging, you can choose to rise to the occasion or to be overwhelmed by it.

Time and again, I’ve seen businesses and individuals exhibit the drive to adapt and overcome. The times we live in might not be ideal, but this is the challenge we’ve been dealt. I’m a firm believer that it is healthy to have your mettle tested once in a while.

I hope the past two years have revealed a source of untapped drive to adapt to the unusual circumstances we find ourselves in and a drive to come through them stronger than ever.

January 2022

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