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US Presidential Economic Analysis

Battleground States 2020

In many respects, the 2020 Presidential election continues a four-election dynamic that is determining the scope of our government’s involvement in Americans’ lives in the 21st century. The degree to which the federal government engages in the day-to-day lives of citizens in healthcare, work, the environment, law enforcement, education, and other a host of other areas will be articulated by our choice for President and Vice President.

It is important, in fact vital, for voters to be informed not only of the policy agendas of the candidates, but what those agendas will mean in the real lives of Americans. How much will a specific federal proposal in the environment, or healthcare, cost and how will it affect the broader economy? A policy idea may sound exceptional on paper – but what will its impact be when the policy rubber meets the economic road?  Read more…


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