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Peter Ricchiuti

Hosted by: Laura Hawley Special guest: Peter Ricchiuti

June, 2016

Laura Hawley – CFP®, President at Allen & Company

Steve McTaggert – Vice-President of Investments / Financial Advisor at Allen & Company

Peter Ricchiuti (Ri-Chooty) – Founder & Director of Research for the Freeman School of Business, Tulane University.

Laura Hawley and special guest Peter Ricchiuti discuss the topics of oil prices, the breakdown in oil prices, why the demand of oil prices has dropped off, oil market volatility, alternative fuels, investment opportunities, the investment side of pawn shops, and much more


In this episode we cover:

  • Supply and demand in oil and gas industry (1:50)
  • Stock market and how it relates to the oil industry (1:15)
  • Oil market volatility and market predictions (2:20)
  • The difference between the nervous investor and the patient investor (4:40)
  • Having patience in the Stock Market (5:50)
  • What’s really happening in the southern oil patch (8:10) (11:25)
  • Peter Ricchiuti discuses the Burkenroad Reports (10:00) (22:40)
  • Oil profitability and the price at which oil needs to be to be profitable (11:53)(14:45)
  • Alternative fuels as a resource other than oil (12:45)
  • Are electric cars an ideal future? (12:55)
  • The future of wind power and storage grids (13:30)
  • Solar power panels and how it affects the oil industry (13:30)
  • Oil prices and how they affect the consumer (14:29)
  • What causes the oil market fluctuation (14:43)
  • When and IF the oil industry will ever rebound. (17:49)
  • Interest rates and how they affect you (21:55)
  • The investment side of Cash America Pawn (25:29)
  • The investment side and liquid assets of pawn shops (26:00)

Links From the Show:

Books Mentioned in this Show:

  • Stocks Under Rocks: How to Uncover Overlooked, Profitable Market Opportunities by Peter F Ricchiuti Read More

Connect with:

Peter Ricchiuti (Ri-Chooty) – Founder & Director of Research for the Freeman School of Business, Tulane University. – Peter Ricchiuti
Business.Tulane.Edu – Petter Ricchuiti
LinkedIn – Peter Ricchuiti

Steve McTaggert – Vice-President of Investments/Financial Advisor at Allen & Company
Allen & Company – Steve McTaggert

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