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Mail Bag Q&A – Chad Jones

Hosted by: Laura Hawley Special guest: Chad Jones

March, 2016

Laura Hawley – CFP®, President at Allen & Company

Chad Jones – CFP® at Allen & Company

Matt Mucci – Regional Director of External Affairs at ATT
Joel Ivy – General Manager at Lakeland Electric

In this episode, we discuss and answer such questions as “Why the Market is up when the economy feels so down”, “Why when Consumer Costs go down so does the Stock Market”, defining a Robo Advisor and the difference between Indexing vs. Active Management.

In this episode we cover:

  • Supply and Demand (2:25)
  • The Energy Industry and how it affects the Economy (3:05)
  • Should you be in the market? (4:31)
  • Should you be putting money in your 401k if you still have Credit Cards or Student Loans? (4:59)
  • What will your “Money” be used for? (6:00)
  • How you are directly affected by the feds raising Interest Rates (8:22)
  • How you are directly affected by the feds lower Interest Rates (8:22)
  • Interest Rates and how they affect you. (10:35)
  • The Market and how it fluctuates daily (12:59)
  • Is there a graceful exit out of the market if/when you Retire? (13:25)
  • If the Economy and Stock Market the same thing (17:00)
  • Meeting with an Advisor and the planning process (22:20)
  • Index and the Market (25:24)
  • The International headlines and how it affects the Markets (27:48)
  • The decline in existing Home Sales (30:52)
  • Special Rotary Guest Matt Mucci and Joel Ivy (32:25)

Links From the Show:

Connect with:

Brian Westbury – Economist
LinkedIn – Brian Westbury

Chad Jones – CFP® at Allen & Company
Allen & Company – Chad Jones
LinkedIn – Chad Jones
FINRA Broker Check – Chad Jones

Joel Ivy – General Manager of Lakeland Electric
LinkedIn – Joel Ivy

Matt Mucci – AT&T Regional Director of External Affairs
LinkedIn – Matt Mucci


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