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Hancock Horizon Fund – John Portwood

Hosted by: Laura Hawley Special guest: John Portwood

April, 2016

Laura Hawley – CFP®, President at Allen & Company

Steve McTaggart – Vice-President of Investments / Financial Advisor at Allen & Company

John Portwood – Chief Investment Strategist at Hancock Horizon Funds
Lisa Oliver – Leadership Lakeland Alumni
Chrisanne Long – CEO at Maximize Digital Media

In this episode, we discuss the Big Tax Cuts and where they are, the relationship between Energy and Oil, visit with guest John Portwood from Hancock Horizon Funds, and learn more about Leadercast Lakeland.

In this episode we cover:

  • John Portwood of Hancock Horizon Funds joins the show. (6:50)
  • Burkenroad Fund and Peter Ricchuiti of Freeman School of Business, Tulane University (7:53)
  • How the oil industry affecting evaluations and portfolios (11:19)
  • United States credit situation, improvements in the energy industry and credit events (13:05)
  • Long Short Fund what is it?(14:06)
  • How consumers discretionary fare in Long Short Fund (18:15)
  • The different aspects of investing in oil (20:12)
  • Themes and ideas that investment decisions are made on (24:45)
  • Where the value is with Technology (28:00)
  • Leadership Lakeland (31:18)

Links From the Show:

Connect with:

Chrisanne Long – CEO at Maximize Digital Media
LinkedIn – Chrissanne Long
Maximized Digital Media

John Portwood – Chief Investment Strategist at Hancock Horizon Funds – John Portwood
Financial Planning Association of Greater New Orleans

Lisa Oliver
LinkedIn – Lisa Oliver
Leadercast Lakeland – Contact Lisa Oliver

Steve McTaggart – Vice-Presidnet of Investments / Financial Advisor
Allen & Company – Steve McTaggart
Facebook – Allen & Company

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