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Financial Future

Hosted by: Laura Hawley Special guest: Troy Garcia

January, 2017

Laura Hawley – CFP®, President at Allen & Company

Troy Garcia – CFP®, Financial Advisor at Allen & Company

Steve Bissonnette – President at VISTE

In this episode, we discuss the what should be saving for retirement, the difference between an RMD, ETF, 457, and what they really are, what it will take to pay your mortgage off faster, and many more questions that you may have concerning your financial future as an Investor. We will also visit with Steve Bissonnette, President at VISTE, to discuss Retirement, VISTE, and the VISTE BALL.

In this episode we cover:

  • 2016 a year in review (1:27)
  • The financial future and economic impact of Bonds (6:12)
  • The allocation of your portfolio, and determining your risk tolerance and short/long term goals (8:47)
  • Questions clients should be asking regarding their Financial Advisor (18:26)
  • The important documents to have in place in case of an emergency (24:24)
  • How to navigate your Employer Plan with your 401K contributions if they don’t match (27:46)
  • Checklist for Retirees and what you should be planning for (31:53)
  • Visit with guest Steve Bissonnette, President at VISTE to discuss retirement, VISTE, and the VISTE BALL (35:50)

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Laura Hawley – CFP®, Senior Vice President at Allen & Company
Allen & Company – Laura Hawley

Troy Garcia – CFP®, Financial Advisor at Allen & Company
Allen & Company – Troy Garcia
LinkedIn – Troy Garcia

Steve Bissonnette – President at VISTE
LinkedIn – Steve Bissonnette

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