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Diapers to Dentures

Hosted by: Laura Hawley Special guest: Dana Hurley

April, 2016

Laura Hawley – CFP®, President at Allen & Company

Dana Hurley – Financial Advisor at Allen & Company

Kathryn (KT) Budde-Jones – Stallion 51
Michael Maguire – Platform Art and Dixieland Village Art Festival

In this episode, we discuss the top financial stressors for new parents and Caregivers, Team Building and planning for the Caregivers, the Economic Value of care giving and a look at the Events and Festivities at Sun-N-Fun.

In this episode we cover:

  • Cost of having a child and how it relates to Financial Planning (7:20)
  • Planning, pre delivery and post delivery budget of having a child (12:50)
  • Do you actually need baby Life Insurance? (18:07)
  • The cost of a College Education (18:57)
  • Sun-N-Fun and the impact on Lakeland (22:20)
  • A conversation with KT Bud Jones and Stallion 51 (23:19)
  • Activities and Highlights of Sun-n-Fun (26:35)
  • The Sandwich Generation and who it is. (32:44)
  • A conversation with Michael Maguire and the Platform Art and Dixieland Village Art Festival (36:53)

Links From the Show:

Connect with:

Dana Hurley – Financial Advisor at Allen & Company.
LinkedIn – Dana Hurley
Allen & Company – Dana Hurley

Kathryn (KT) Budde-Jones – Promotion and Marketing Coordinator at Stallion 51 Corporation
Facebook – KT Budde-Jones
LinkedIn – KT Budde-Jones


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