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by: LAURA HAWLEY guest: Brad Stainsby August 17, 2016
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Laura Hawley – CFP®, President at Allen & Company

Dana Hurley – Financial Advisor at Allen & Company
Brad Stainsby – Financial Advisor at Allen & Company

Today’s show will discuss the difference between saving for Retirement and planning for Income during retirement, five key Retirement Income Realities, strategies used to provide income during retirement, and how to develop a plan that emphasizes income during retirement.

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In this episode we cover:

  • Economic Compass (1:04)
  • Interest rates, the after effects of Brexit, and how it impacts a Rate Increase (1:48)
  • The Economics surrounding the Global stage of the Olympics (3:09)
  • How saving for retirement and planning for income during retirement differ (9:09)
  • Retirement realities that you may face while living in retirement (13:55)
  • Options and Investment techniques that help diminish retirement realities (18:50)
  • Market Shocks and how it diminishes the realities of Inflation (23:00)
  • The meanings of Fixed Income, Growth Income, Variable Income, and how they relate to saving for Retirement (28:00)
  • Strategies used to provide Income during retirement (29:00)
  • Educational and Seminar Financial Programs offerings at Allen & Company (33:40)

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The returns are in the dividends and not necessarily the growth of the actual price. – Dana Hurley – Financial Advisor at Allen & Company.

A gold medalist winner from Singapore brings home $741,000 versus a gold medalist from America who will bring home $25,000. – Brad Stainsby – Financial Advisor at Allen & Company.

In today’s market, a 65-year-old man and woman can expect healthcare expenses, including premiums, to be $369,000 for a man and $417,000 for a woman. – Dana Hurley – Financial Advisor at Allen & Company.

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Brad Stainsby, Financial Advisor at Allen & Company
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Laura began her lifelong career at Allen & Company as one of the youngest Financial Advisors in Florida more than 30 years ago.

A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, Laura joined Allen & Company in 1983 and now serves as President and Chairperson of the Executive Committee. In addition, she was appointed to the Board of Directors in 2001. Laura played a crucial role in establishing the Viera office and served as Branch Manager until 2015. She holds Series 7, 66 and 24 licenses, as well as her Life, Health and Variable Annuities.

Laura’s holistic approach to financial planning, and her passion for teaching...