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Love Your LifeWhat is your passion? What do you love to do? I’d invite you to spend a couple moments reflecting on those two impactful questions. Whether you realize it or not, we are all led to seek out these joys at a very young age. From show-and-tell in elementary school, the clubs you joined during middle school, the social activities and groups you surrounded yourself with in high school, the major/vocation you chose in post-secondary school, to the career you pursued thereafter — all that you have done is in the hopes that you’ll do so with passion and purpose.

Does the work you are doing now, plan to do in the future, or have accomplished in the past involve those areas you’ve identified as passions for yourself? I sincerely hope so, and if not, I hope you are able to find the time to incorporate them into your daily life.

If you were to ask me those first two questions, I would unequivocally reply with “food, travel, and music.” On the surface, you might think that these three have nothing in common with life as a financial advisor. I would debate, however, that they do overlap in some interesting ways.

Healthy Dinner with FriendsFood and fellowship

Whether it be a romantic dinner for two, or you are gathering around the dining room table for a holiday feast with family and friends, food connects us all. Yes, we need food in order to survive — but we also need it to thrive. We break bread with loved ones, new pals and old buddies, sharing stories that bring us laughter. We sometimes shed tears together. All the while, we’re building memories we can cherish forever. It is this very fellowship we yearn for as individuals that is best enjoyed in the company of others.

Travel and exploration

Travel allows us to explore new worlds, meet new people, and understand a different way to do things. We can journey far away from home… or we can find treasures resting just outside our back door. It opens our minds to new possibilities and other points of view. Exploring our world can tell us about historical origins, offering a lens into our current global state and beyond. It allows us to connect culturally to others, harnessing a newfound respect for what the unknown told us to believe was insignificant. It often pushes our boundaries and challenges our self-limiting beliefs. Thus, through traveling and exploring the world, we can learn to love and appreciate all of God’s creation on a much deeper scale.

Hanging OutMusic and unity

Ah, the third key passion of mine: music. In my eyes, music is the world’s true universal language of love. I’ve always been fascinated by that thought and what it truly means. From traditional African tribal music all the way to Siberian folk music, you need not understand the language in order to feel the emotions radiating from the sounds. Whether it’s instruments wielded by skilled artists, voices joining in melody, or words spoken to a rhythm, music harnesses the power to transcend cultures and break down societal differences. As we sing in unison, we become united — and in that moment, nothing else matters.

Connectivity and my role as a financial advisor

You see, all three of these passions I hold dear relate to connectivity.

Connecting to people and their purpose in life is what I truly love doing, and it’s an important part of my life as a financial advisor. I told you they would be related! Each day, I have the privilege to interact and make lasting connections with faces both fresh and familiar. My purpose at Allen & Company is to help you discuss, discover and determine the best ways you can plan financially to maximize your passions and pursuits in life.

Over the months and years to come, I plan on writing about these three inherent passions of mine. I’ll be weaving in relatable stories and valuable lessons that I experience in the world of financial planning, in the hopes that it helps you on your own journey. I encourage you to join me and I welcome your thoughts and feedback. [email]

Life is short, so let’s enjoy every moment we can… and learn from those we can’t.


March 2020