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Kids & Money Lesson 8: Defining Rich Show me the Money!

Elementary: Make two columns on a sheet of paper. Title the left column ‘Income’ and write down how much money comes into your household each month. Title the left side ‘Expenses’ and list the following expenses with the corresponding amount:

Home, Car, Groceries, Electricity (you can do more if you’d like)

Have them figure out how much money is left.

Fun factor: Have them guess at the numbers before you write them down. Closest guess gets a treat of your choosing (Mike & Ike’s? Grapes?)

Ask these questions:

What would it mean if the expenses total was bigger than the income total? How would they feel?

What would it mean if the income total is bigger than the expenses total? How would they feel?

Middle School / Teen: Show them the full family budget. If you don’t keep one, you really, really need to start. But, in the meantime, you can create it with your kids. Make two columns on a piece of paper and have your kids help figure out the expenses. This exercise will help with having an appreciation of what has to be “paid for” each month that they may take for granted.

Ask these questions:

What would it mean if expenses exceeded income? How would that make you feel?

What would it mean if income exceeds expenses? How would that make you feel?

Parents: Help them talk through the emotions involved with the answers to the above questions. How they feel speaks to quality of life. This concept and the connection we want them to make will be made clear as we move forward.

Random Fun: Okay, try to play Monopoly in the next week! But for now, start a stand-up comedy tournament. Each player gets 2 minutes – biggest laugh wins!

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