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We help Publix associates address their retirement planning and financial goals.

At Allen & Company, we are proud to work with Publix associates. Our company and Publix alike have shared roots in Florida communities; in fact, Allen & Company was founded within just a few years of Publix.

Along with a shared interest in our local communities, our team has built professional knowledge throughout our history together. This helps Allen & Company financial advisors work specifically with your retirement plans, and the financial needs of Publix associates like you.

It’s our role to ensure that your unique investment planning and retirement planning challenges are addressed and managed. Our team of financial advisors delivers on our shared core values — we treat our clients with dignity and respect, and offer a high level of personalized customer service.

Q4 2023 Earnings Results


Publix 2023 year-end results are in. Michael and I always look forward to sharing these updates with you all. Navigating the numbers with you is what we are here for, and if you are interested in discussing this information further, please be in touch with us.

As Publix makes the quarterly results known, we will continue to produce a video with those results and the competitive commentary.

Your feedback is appreciated and helpful, you can reach us here for any additional suggestions you may have for future videos.

Publix is not affiliated with LPL Financial or Allen & Company.