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Often when you are at the end of something, you are at the beginning of something else.


As a member of Florida Retirement Systems (FRS) you have opportunities that most from other walks of life don’t have.  When you are deciding what you want your post-career life to look like, you will need to take those opportunities into consideration along with any other. Whether you have a retirement plan or not, we have learned that an event as sudden and pervasive as our current environment is bound to raise questions. Like, what will my new everyday look like? And how will I navigate my new every day? Maybe even, is it possible to retire earlier than planned if I don’t like my new normal?


At some point in each of our lives, we realize that a financial advisor is a valuable resource. This could be one of those times. You don’t have to plan alone. Let’s open the conversation.


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Having a resource for retirement questions and planning.

Are you financially ready to retire? Planning for retirement starts with thinking about your retirement goals and how long you have to meet them. And the sooner the better.  Here are a few questions to ask yourself when beginning to plan for life after career:

  • How do you see your post-retirement spending habits in comparison to current habits, and what will change?
  • Have you defined your retirement budget vs. your current budget?
  • Life insurance will play a part in this process, have you revisited your current policies?


FSR retirement planning

Do you have enough to retire?

It’s not about money, it’s about income. Knowing how your retirement will generate income is critical to calming retirement fears. Working with an advisor who can guide you through visualizing your retirement lifestyle and aligning this with your financial goals can help answer questions about what having enough income to retire means for you.


Talk to your Allen & Company advisor to estimate your retirement income.

What will retirement life look like for you?

Retiring is the ultimate goal for some, but have you considered how you will fill your days? Answering this question might affect your income needs.  Retirement doesn’t mean you are required to change your quality of life, especially if you plan accordingly.

A couple of options for your consideration post career:

  • Will I work part-time or volunteer?
  • How much time will I spend with my family?
  • Travel is important to me, how does that factor in?

Having an advisor to help you through the thought process of retirement life will reduce stress and provide guidance.

Still, have questions? We are happy to connect you with an Allen & Company financial advisor.

FRS is a separate entity from LPL Financial and Allen & Co.

FSR retirement planning