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We help Publix associates address their retirement planning and financial goals.

At Allen & Company, we are proud to work with Publix. With shared roots in Florida communities, Allen & Company was founded within just a few years of Publix! Our team has professional knowledge from our partnership, specific to working with your retirement plans and the financial needs of associates like you.

It’s our role to ensure that the investment planning and retirement planning needs of Publix associates are addressed and managed. Our team of financial advisors delivers on our shared core values — we treat our clients with dignity and respect, and offer a high level of personalized customer service.


I’m within 10 years of retirement from Publix

Before you know it, you’ll be riding off into the sunset and enjoying the retired life. But there’s still plenty of time left before you can do that… and many important factors to consider as you approach the final stretch. You can work with your financial advisor on these important considerations:

  • Are you aware and taking advantage of your SMART plan 401K changes?
  • Are you sufficiently insured — think of life insurance, health insurance, umbrella policies?
  • You’re in the perfect time frame to investigate long term care insurance; your advisor can help to show you why this could be a significant part of your financial strategy.

Let us know what your road to success looks like.


I’m within 5 years of retirement from Publix

You’re in the final stretch and the finish line is in sight. Now is a crucial time to coordinate on your retirement plan. We’ll work with you to:

  • Have you done a Social Security assessment and, do you know how to correct potential errors?
  • Establish a regular frequency of checkup appointments with your advisor.
  • Evaluate the accessibility of your financial “buckets.”
  • Establish a lifetime income stream.

Our advisors will help you work towards the finish line.

I need to focus more on my retirement planning with Publix — or get things started.

Maybe you’re just starting out, eager to get saving for the future, and unsure what your options are or how to get rolling. Or, you’ve reached a point in your career at Publix and in your life where it’s time to focus more deeply on your retirement planning. No matter the situation, a dedicated Allen & Company financial advisor is here to help. Here’s some topics they’ll review with you:

  • Are you maximizing your retirement benefits, and taking advantage of everything offered to you? (e.g., ESOP, 401K)
  • Are you buying stock?
  • What do your current debts and liabilities look like, and how will this impact your future?
  • How do your current living expenses such as your mortgage, car payments, or utilities figure in to the whole picture? What exactly is a living expense, anyway?
  • How much money are you planning to spend in retirement?

Find an advisor to work with while building your savings and benefits.

Retirement Tip:

Review the money you’re spending on monthly subscriptions such as streaming video, magazines, music, and so on. Get rid of any extras you’re not using, and use that money to contribute to your Publix retirement plan instead!

I’m interested in scheduling a follow-up appointment with a financial advisor

We can’t wait to work together helping you on the road towards your financial success.

  1. To get started, the first step is to contact us — one of our staff will personally review the next steps with you.
  2. We can also help you find the Allen & Company branch location that is most convenient for you to visit.


Publix is not affiliated with LPL Financial or Allen & Company.

I’ve got everything ready. What’s next?

Call or contact the Allen & Company branch office nearest you to schedule your appointment:

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