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Pearls of Wisdom from My Mother

lessons my mom taught meMothers teach us so much more than we realize. A little reminder in case you’ve forgotten—tying our shoes, brushing our teeth, and eating with silverware did not, in fact, come naturally to us as humans. Mothers also teach us about money. One of the first lessons my mom taught me about money was that it did not grow on trees…that was a bummer. So in honor of Mother’s Day, I asked my mom to share a few money tips she lives by.

While money can’t buy you happiness, good stewardship with your money can allow you more freedom when buying the things that make you happy.

A good example is purchasing a home or a car or maybe enrolling your kids into daycare or summer camp, whatever brings joy to you and your family. Don’t let poor money management restrict your freedom regarding what truly matters to you.

Live below your means.

lessons my mom taught meIt’s practical but not always practiced. This is where having a budget is critical and should be intentionally maintained to control spending. Whether you are a mother or not, you know that not everything in life is predictable. When you live below your means, surprise expenses have less of an impact, both financially and emotionally.

Wait a few days before purchasing something.

Picture this, adding everything to your online cart that your short-lived emotions desire but not completing the order. After just four or five days, go back into the cart and ask yourself how important the items really are to you and if you still believe they are worth buying. Taking this simple action each time you see something that interests you can make a difference in your shopping habits and save a ton of money.

Save for Christmas throughout the year.

Few things make my mom happier than giving gifts, especially at Christmas time. To avoid the financial stress that can come with shopping for the ones you love, plan ahead and periodically save throughout the year so that you have funds set aside. This is something my mom has done for years so that she can truly enjoy these moments that fill her heart.

Be generous.

My mom says generosity and giving can be one of the most fulfilling things we do with our money. For some people, times of need come around more often than they do for others. Take the opportunity to help someone financially. Something that seems minor to you can be a significant relief to someone else.

lessons my mom taught meTo all the mothers, we hope you feel celebrated and noticed this Mother’s Day.
You are the world’s most discrete champion and deserve to be honored.

May 2023

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