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We help new parents plan for their childrens’ future education.

Overwhelming feelings that scale the spectrum from joy — to fear of failure — are experienced frequently when the conversation of having children is on the table.  And those feelings seem to escalate the closer you get to the birth of that child. How many times have we heard: “kids…they don’t exactly come with instruction manuals?”

Always, our goal as parents is to be able to provide for our little bundle(s) of joy, and that includes planning for their future — whatever that may hold. Here are some things to consider as you begin this most rewarding life adventure.

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Private Education

Is private education in the early years something that we as parents value… and how do we plan for it?

Several of our financial advisors are personally having that conversation now with their spouses! Here’s how one of our families is planning for this option.

Is private education right for your family?

College or Post High School Education

College/post high school education: Today, there are more options for young people than there has ever been! It can be confusing; the path you decided to take may or may not mirror the path that you truly want to provide for your child(ren).

Troy Garcia, CFP®from our Lakeland office has some ideas for you in his blog, Health & Wealth!

Three great options for Education Savings Plans

Student Loan Debt

Have you found yourself worrying about your child’s future student loan debts? It may feel a little premature to do so, but the world of education planning is constantly changing, and the costs for college are going up.

Just in case you don’t have the entire expense covered for my childrens’ secondary education and loans are the only option, what is the right type of loan to secure? With all the talk about student loan debt — even as a new parent — it might be making you nervous… but we can help.

Financial Advisor Bill Slover explains one popular option for education planning, the 529 plan.

I’d like to talk to a financial advisor who understands my family’s education planning and college planning needs, what’s next?

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