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tabletsPeople far more astute than I preach from the towers about one of the first habits to being successful is being proactive. With that being said, let’s look ahead at some tech to enhance the organization of your everyday life for the next year and beyond. Outside of the pesky Google or Outlook reminders, I want to dive into the hardware in which we can access them. Tablets.

You are probably familiar with some mainstream tablets, like Apple’s iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab.

These options have endless and almost too many potential uses. You can sink your whole life into their ecosystems, which is very convenient. I believe there are some drawbacks to that as well. As far as using tablets to get organized, I predominately want a tablet to take notes with. I am a maximizer; I want to simply zero in on a single task and knock it out swiftly.tablets

The issue with using an iPad or any tablet like that is there is simply too much going on. How is a person supposed to be able to focus on taking notes when you are constantly getting notifications from the news, sports scores, open table reservations available? These kinds of distractions can alter the timeline of the task at hand by changing a 15-minute task into a 30-minute or even an hour one. This issue led me down a path to find something simple and proficient in the few tasks I need and leave all the notifications to other devices.

Introducing the reMarkable 2, a “paper tablet.”

This device is a product that replaces all your paper clutter while still providing a paper look. If you ever wished to transfer your handwritten notes to text for a Word or Google document, this is it. The tablet has the same organizing techniques you have become accustomed to on your computer via folders and files. Still, you also get the satisfying feeling of old-fashioned grade school note-taking.

For my team and I, the best function will be how you can instantly make your handwritten notes text and a PDF document.

tabletsThis will dramatically help us all be on the same page with ease. For those who do not necessarily need to share your information on other devices or with other people, this product still offers a clutter-free way of making to-do lists.  It is also a paper-like tablet to read all the e-books you please, without the bright white background.

Cheers to a great, organized year.

December 2023

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