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Risk & Reward E32 Hunter Abramson

Hosted by: Holland Henderson Special guest: Hunter Abramson

August, 2022

Our guest in this episode shares stories of going to experience events put on by his dad as a kid and how this started his journey to using technology to disrupt the ticketing industry.

In this episode we cover:

  • How our guest got started in marketing and creating engagement (4:32)
  • Hunter shares the story about when his dad rented out Alcatraz for a Sega “Rock the Rock” event (8:58)
  • Hunter’s passion led him to start his company (11:40)
  • How technology makes the ticketing experience better for the consumer (13:29)
  • Explanation of the utility of NFT (18:02)
  • Relic uses NFT technology to create an experience (23:49)
  • Discussion on blockchain and added security technology (26:28)
  • Where Hunters sees the future of engagement going with the NFT process (29:52)
  • The goal is to make frictionless experiences with technology (36:43)

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Holland Henderson – Financial Advisor at Allen & Company
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Hunter Abramson – Chief Executive Officer, Relic
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