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by: LAURA HAWLEY guest: Chad Jones April 27, 2016
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Laura Hawley – CFP®, President at Allen & Company

Chad Jones – CFP® at Allen & Company

In this episode we discuss Financial Literacy, discovering your goals as it relates to Money, what money represents or means to you, how often to Educate future Consumers and advice on how to make learning Finances fun for your children.

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In this episode we cover:

  • Financial Literacy month (1:16)
  • Financial Seminars and teaching children about money (2:30)
  • Top five reasons to teach money lessons to your child (4:20)
  • Relational budgeting and what that really means (5:15)
  • If most parents do a good job teaching their children about money? (7:40)
  • The eBook “Raising the Smart Money Child”. (9:36)
  • Making money learning fun for children (9:36)
  • Backwards planning and how it relates to goals, planning and budgeting money with children (10:15)
  • Opportunity Cost and how it relates to Planning and Budgeting (12:08)(15:17)
  • Discipline and Money (12:30)
  • Standard Of Living and how it relates to being rich (12:54)
  • Defining rich as it relates to money and the Standard Of Living (13:15)
  • Financial Margin and how it relates to discipline (13:34)
  • How interest works when dealing with children and money (18:05)
  • Teaching debt to children (20:22)
  • The issues surrounding basic Financial Literacy among adults (23:55)
  • Financial Planning and Retirement (25:10)
  • 529 plans (27:29)
  • Guest LVIM and the Lakeland Derby (30:55)

Books Mentioned in this Show:

Smart Money Smart Kids by Dave Ramsey and Rachel CruzeRead More

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Having nice stuff is great as long as it’s a bi product of financial margin. – Chad Jones, CFP® at Allen & Company

Opportunity cost is always the second best choice. – Chad Jones, CFP® at Allen & Company

When you borrow you steal from tomorrow. – Chad Jones, CFP® at Allen & Company

You never want to finance a depreciating asset because you lose money twice. – Chad Jones, CFP® at Allen & Company

If you don’t know where your money is going, you’re not going to know where it went. – Chad Jones, CFP® at Allen & Company

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Laura began her lifelong career at Allen & Company as one of the youngest Financial Advisors in Florida more than 30 years ago.

A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, Laura joined Allen & Company in 1983 and now serves as President and Chairperson of the Executive Committee. In addition, she was appointed to the Board of Directors in 2001. Laura played a crucial role in establishing the Viera office and served as Branch Manager until 2015. She holds Series 7, 66 and 24 licenses, as well as her Life, Health and Variable Annuities.

Laura’s holistic approach to financial planning, and her passion for teaching...