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Thousands of people across Florida tune in weekly to get their questions answered as Laura interviews both national and local guests. The interactive live show is topic driven and explores hard-hitting issues related to money and the economy. Laura is dedicated to helping her clients set and achieve their financial goals in life. Laura’s strong desire to provide individuals with tools to help them gain their financial security led her to join forces with the national radio group Hall Communications to create the hit radio talk show Dollars & Sense in 1990. Dollars & Sense is heard weekly on WLKF TALK 1430 on your AM dial. Listen Here

All About the Plan

With a background in engineering and a long history navigating the challenging arena of business, Lorin Bice has been working as a financial planner in the Lakeland and the Central Florida area for over 13 years.

He specializes in transition planning, especially when it comes to creating a life-long financial plan for wealth retention and development across generations. He’s also passionate about how politics can affect the world and what it means to your financial success, as well as retirement planning, investing, market conditions, and many other topics.

We love Lorin’s insight, sense of humor, personal anecdotes, famous quotes, and his uniquely valuable take on financial wellness. We know you will too.

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Kids & Money

Parents have one of the greatest challenges out there. Money and financial wellness are crucial to ensuring your child’s future, and add to this challenge. This isn’t just about saving for tuition or investment planning — but how do you talk to your kids about money? As a parent himself, Chad Jones is no stranger to this dilemma. He’s not afraid to ask things like “what would my child say if I asked them to define what ‘rich’ means?” or “how does emotion vs. rationality affect my child’s decision making process?

Chad’s proud to provide his interesting stories, insights, and ideas for educating children about financial wellness. He’s been with Allen & Company for over 5 years, and is a certified financial planner who has also served in the U.S. Armed Forces as Finance & Accounting Officer.

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