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Due to the imminent impact of Hurricane Irma, Allen & Company will be operating under the protocols of our contingency plan. You, our clients will still be able to reach your Financial Advisor by email should you have business to conduct. All three of our branches will be physically closed on Monday and Tuesday due to power outages. We value our relationship with you our client family and our associates and their families. We hope you are safe in the aftermath of this storm Thank you for your understanding, we will reopen when it is clear and safe to return to our offices. In the meantime, all updates will be posted to this website.



Should you need to make a trade and are unable to access your Financial Advisor, please see the information below.

Wells Fargo Clearing 877.496.3223 (for those accounts held at Wells Fargo Clearing Corp.)

If your account is held directly with a mutual fund family, or insurance company, please call those numbers directly. You will find that information on your account statement.


Polk County Shelter Map