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Welcome to the Fred’s Garage Vlog

Are you ready to kick your financial knowledge into high gear? It’s about to happen — welcome to Fred’s Garage, a high-octane vlog on finance and investing, by Fred Lopez, financial advisor and CFP® with Allen & Company.

Fred knows that keeping up to date on all things finance and investing can sometimes be a boring endeavor… to say the least. Fred’s Garage is his mission to change that, bringing personal insights, interviews, and tips directly to you in an exciting new video blog (vlog) format.

Now that you’re in the driver’s seat, make sure you bookmark this page and follow Allen & Company on Facebook, LinkedIN, or Twitter to stay up to date. Here’s some of what you might experience when you visit the garage:

  • In depth interviews with Allen & Company financial advisors
  • Professional guest speakers on a variety of financial and investing related topics, including insurance, business, markets, and more
  • Personal insights and stories (like how Fred went about getting his dream car, the other star of Fred’s Garage)
  • Tips, tricks, and anecdotes on finance and life

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