LAKELAND – March 10, 2016) Community and business leaders can learn from the knowledge and
experience of world-renowned leaders by attending Leadercast Lakeland at Polk State College Lakeland
Campus (LTB Auditorium) on May 6, 2016, from 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Leadership Lakeland Alumni
Association and Allen & Company are proud to present Leadercast Lakeland. This one-day leadership
development event is broadcast live from Atlanta, GA, to hundreds of sites throughout the nation.

Speakers for this year’s event include:
• Steve Wozniak – Co-Founder of Apple, Inc.
• Andy Stanley – Best-Selling Leadership Author & Communicator
• Kat Cole – Group President of FOCUS Brands (Auntie Anne’s, Cinnabon, and more)
• Dr. Henry Cloud – Leadership Expert, Psychologist & Best-Selling Author
• Nick Saban – Head Football Coach at The University of Alabama
• CMDR Rorke Denver – Navy SEAL Commander & Author
• James Brown – Network Broadcaster, CBS Sports News
• Chris Barez-Brown – Author & Creativity Guru
• Tripp Crosby – Host for event, Comedian & Director
Leadercast’s Mission and Vision is to exist to change the way the world thinks about leadership by
building leaders worth following. In its 16th year, this all-day, experiential conference is predicted to
reach its largest audience to date. The theme for this year’s program is “Architects of Tomorrow,” and
will focus on what it means to be a visionary leader. This one-day conference will inspire you, enhance
your leadership style, provide practical guidance & tools to strengthen your leadership skills, and allow
you to network and communicate with leaders worldwide.

Sponsors include:
• Allen & Company of Florida Inc.
• Bank of Central Florida
• Baylis & Company PA
• Chick-fil-A
• Clark, Campbell, Lancaster, & Munson, P.A.
• Innovative Ink
• Ledger Media Group
• Lunz Prebor Fowler Architects AAC-1580
• Maximize Digital Media
• Polk State College
• Publix Super Markets
• Saddle Creek Logistics Services
• Stinson Home Design Center
• Woodman Life
To register for Leadercast Lakeland, visit For group registrations or
questions, please call Lisa Oliver 863.838.6691. The cost for the event is $75 per person. Leadership
Lakeland Alumni Members attend for $65. For more information about Leadercast Lakeland, visit

Our Mission….“Providing extraordinary learning experiences, inspiring community participation and
leadership, cultivating and invigorating leaders in Lakeland.”

I like math. Yes, I’m talking about mathematics, the subject we all took in school. I have come to the conclusion (based upon my personal observation and with no scientific process whatsoever), that people fall into two categories regarding mathematics: those that “get it” and find it easy, and those that don’t get it at all, and find it hopelessly opaque.
Now mind you, the “get it” category has to work hard on problem solving and concepts, but there is a basic understanding of the language and sense of math. Those in the “hopelessly opaque” category can do quite well with algebra, trigonometry and calculus, but will spend lots of hours of hard work getting the passing grades.
But today, I believe, we are teaching our children less math, less conceptual skills and problem solving, and teaching more formulas and use of tools. Generally, that works well enough, but leaves us hanging when it comes to handling money, or more particularly, the time value of money.
As a financial advisor, I try to help people, avoid, mitigate, lessen, recognize and manage risk. It’s an uphill battle. Sometimes it’s like Sisyphus eternally rolling the ball uphill, only to watch it roll to the bottom once again.
Some of the tools I use to recognize and manage risk are math and statistics (put me in the hopelessly opaque category for Statistics in college), and while statistics are often hard to compute, they are easy to misuse. We see it in advertising often. Three out of 4 dentists recommend…
Do they really? Who are these four dentists? Or are we talking about 8? Are we talking about dentists we paid to come on a corporate retreat and answer the question while at a luau in Waikiki? My point is (and I do have one) that we are all rightly suspicious of statistics and what we here hear in TV and radio ads. (I’m trying hard not to address “love makes it a Subaru” which really drives me nuts.) No, I’m just going to rant and rave a little about some financial products I hear touted on the radio these days.
This week I heard some radio blurb to go check a website or call an 800 number to protect your IRA because the market is going down by 30, 40, even fifty percent? Really? I wonder how this guy knows that. And if he does, why doesn’t he forget making ads, and put every dime he owns into shorting the market? Methinks, perhaps it is because he is selling to our fears, not to any rational need.
Another radio guy that galls me is the one saying, “Invest in mutual funds that earn an average of 12 percent. They are easy to find.” Uhh, no, no they’re not. They don’t really exist. Oh, I can certainly find you lots of mutual funds that have averaged 12% if you let me carefully pick the time period over which they did so, but if I so much as even hint that they would earn that going forward, I would face fines and regulatory sanctions.
Then there are the gold bugs. I don’t hate gold; I even have a little in the bank safety deposit box. Last time I checked, that metal sitting there paid zero in dividends or interest though.
So where am I? I’m back to that long term financial plan. Don’t be dissuaded from your plan by ads, hype, fear, or even greed when the markets are hot. A good investing plan geared to your risk tolerance and spending needs, is the only way to be an investor, not a speculator or a pushover!